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Why Choose Us?


ColourPro Painting is dedicated to providing the best possible value to our customers, the foundation of which is customer service. We work hard to form great and lasting relationships with our customers – we believe in word of mouth referrals.



At ColourPro Painting we use only the highest quality materials. By using only the best materials we can ensure quality, longevity and consistent finishes that will look great for many years. From Zero VOC paint to industrial finishes, we can provide the right product for your specific needs. We use top quality brands of paint like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Mooreetc.



We guarantee all of our work with confidence. We have the knowledge and experience to take on virtually any job and undertake the preparation necessary to ensure a quality result. Whether your job requires brush and roll or spraying, we use the highest quality materials along with proven methods and procedures. Every project receives a thorough walkthrough to ensure it meets or exceeds your standards before it can be considered complete. All garbage will be cleaned, flooring will be swept or vacuumed, and furniture will be put back in place. 



We are a limited company and 100% Canadian. We adhere to rigorous WCB requirements and have company liability insurance. We invest in safety trainerying and manuals so our employees are safe and adhere to proper methods and procedures. We believe safety training from the beginning has a multiplier effect. It translates into safety with our painting projects and our community. Our company acknowledges that there is a need for safe, reliable and skilled workers. We use low VOC products whenever possible, and we believe in an environmentally conscious mindset. Maintaining a clean - and therefore safe - job site is our priority to ensure your results are up to our standards.

- We provide clients with written work proposals, proper work recommendations and painting specifications to meet their needs.

- We perform work according to manufacturers specifications and guidelines.

- We build consumer trust in our businesses and industry through continual education.

- Extensive experience with difficult projects.

- We have an extensive residential and commercial client list.

- Our employees have safety training, WSIB and Liability Insurance.

- We ensure a project manager is onsite for daily communication.

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